US Election 2020: Barack Obama, Joe Biden attack Trump’s Covid-19 plan

By Celebpost Desk October 26, 2020

US Election 2020: Obama, Biden attack Trump’s Covid-19 plan Photo: The New York Times 

Former President Barack Obama and his Democrat ally Joe Biden have had it with Trump’s pandemic policies. The two on Saturday dismissed the president’s promises of coming up with a new Covid-19 plan.

Obama, 59, addressed his concerns during a drive-in rally held at Florida International University campus in Biscayne. He said that Trump, 74, "doesn't have a plan" to fight the virus. "There's no sense that he's coming up with a new approach, with a new plan. He doesn't even acknowledge that there's a problem," Obama stressed.

"Just this week, he complained that the pandemic was making him go back to work. If he had been working in the first place, we never would have seen the situation get this bad,” he added.

Slamming Trump’s response to the pandemic, Obama said that because of the president’s irresponsible behavior all Americans have to ‘live with the consequences.’

“Donald Trump is not going to suddenly protect all of us. He cannot even take the basic steps to protect himself,” he added.

Meanwhile, Biden, 77, also joined the ‘Trump-thrashing’ party and accused the president and his administration for ‘screwing up’ the pandemic handling.

“Donald Trump said, and is still saying, we’re rounding the corner. It’s going away. We’re learning how to live with it,” he said. “We’re not learning how to live with it. You’re asking us to learn how to die with it and it’s wrong.”

The democratic presidential nominee continued to mock the government, “That’s Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Reaching out to the supporters of his opponent, Biden said that he gets it why some people voted for Trump as they were not ‘being seen’ or ‘being respected.’

“You know, you’ll be seen and you’re heard and respected by me… If elected president, there’ll be no red states or blue states, only the United States,” he added.

Well, looks like Biden has his eyes all set on sweeping supporters off his rival’s camp.