Offset arrested after run-in with Trump supporters

Jean Valjean|October 25, 2020
Offset says that they watched while someone beat his car up with a flag.

Rapper Offset was nabbed by cops on Saturday while he was live on Instagram and was driving through a Trump rally.

The footage of the rapper’s arrest has now been widely circulated on social media, showing an officer asking him to step out of the vehicle.

"I'm not doing that, I'm not doing that. Because you've got guns out. That's my choice. I'm not going to move my hands from my steering wheel,” he said.

A female officer proceeds to tell him that they were informed about him “waving guns.”

"You know who I am? Offset from the Migos. They got fans, that's why they're following me,” he says.

"That has nothing to do with why we're here. We were told that you guys were waving guns at people,” she responds.

Retorting to the claim, Offset says that they watched while someone beat his car up with a flag.

He is once again asked to step out of the vehicle by an officer who tries to unlock and open the car door by putting his hand inside.

Offset responds that he will sue them, adding that what they were doing was illegal. That is when he is pulled from his car and detained.

Another video posted by a bystander shows Trump supporters around the rapper’s car with flags on the president.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the occurrence had taken place during a Trump rally in Beverly Hills.

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