Max Ehrich and Sonika Vaid's relationship is 'all phony'

By Jean Valjean October 24, 2020

Max Ehrich is surely hogging the spotlight ever since he and Demi Lovato parted ways earlier. 

And as the actor makes headlines over one bizarre move after the other, some have speculated that Ehrich has been using American Idol star Sonika Vaid to make his former flame jealous.

According to a source cited by Page Six, Ehrich’s relationship with Vaid appears to “phony” as he continues to drop photos with the singer on social media to give the impression that he has moved on.

"He wants to make it look like he’s moving on with another woman, but they’re not dating. She’s in a full relationship and lives with her boyfriend...He’s trying to get back at Demi and make her jealous. It’s all phony,” explained the insider.