Polish model goes blind after getting eyeballs dyed

By Sarah Khan October 02, 2020

Model Aleksandra Sadowska from Wroclaw, Poland went blind after an attempt to dye her eyeballs black.

Aleksandra, 25, had gone to a tattooist to dye her eyes black to emulate rap artist Popek who had also done the same.

The botched procedure of inking the white lids black left the model complaining about pain, which the tattooist assured was normal and could be treated with painkillers.

However, after complaints of constant pain, the model eventually lost her sight. Aleksandra was told by doctors that her tissues had been severely damaged and thus irreparable. She was told that her eyesight could not be recovered.

The tattooist had reportedly used body ink on Aleksandra's eyelids that severely damaged her tissues.

As per local media, tattooist Piotr A is facing three years in prison for unintentionally disabling the model and for the untrained attempt of taking up the procedure.

Talking to local media, the lawyers of Aleksandra said: "There is clear evidence that the tattoo artist did not know how to perform such a delicate procedure.

"And yet he decided to perform it which led to this tragedy."