Bollywood drug case: How the big names involved might suffer from infamy

By Sarah Khan

September 25, 2020

The ongoing Bollywood drug case has sent shockwaves down the showbiz, with bigwigs like Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh being linked to it.

The actresses, who ruled the industry and had great demand in the advertising world, after being found involved in the drugs case might face severe circumstances. With the smudge of crime on their iconic image, the actresses might face a direct impact on their brand value and upcoming offers, gurus believe.

According to trade analysts, Deepika currently has more than 33 brands. At the same time, Shraddha has 13 brands and Sara has 11 brands.

However, with the new drug controversy surrounding their names, these brands are reportedly keeping their promotions and shoots on hold, as it coincides with the ongoing investigation.

Talking about the matter, advertising guru Piyush Pandey says, "Deepika or whose name has come up, if they prove to be a culprit, then brands will surely get out of their hands. However, everything is still under investigation. In this case how much damage will be done to Deepika or anyone else, it is too early to say."

He added, "Talking about this stage, shoots are going down at the moment anyway. In such a situation, companies associated with Deepika etc. have placed their endorsement on hold. I think when it all becomes calm, then everyone will depend on the viewership of the audience. My thinking says that companies will not rush to sign new contracts from now on."