William fumes at Harry for teaming with Netflix which runs the 'distasteful' 'The Crown'

By Jean Valjean

September 15, 2020

One thing all royal fans are aware of is how Princess Diana lived a life filled to the brim with struggle, grief and betrayal. 

One of the main things she had a hard time coping with was her battle with bulimia back in the 1980s. For this particular reason, the makers of the Netflix series The Crown have decided to dig into it in great detail in its next season that will throw light on the late princess’s life.

The release of the next season is also likely to fuel the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William especially after the former signed his deal with the streaming giant along with wife Meghan Markle.

The show will feature Emma Corrin eating away before throwing up into the toilet.

According to a TV insider cited by The Sun, “William and other senior royals are incredibly uncomfortable about this drama and livid Harry is now in partnership with the company that’s airing it.”

“It’s the latest in a long line of flashpoints between the brothers, but there are few more sensitive subjects than the plight of their mother,” added the insider.

“Viewers of The Crown — which is a candid look at the Queen’s reign — wouldn’t expect the writers to ignore something which is now a matter of public record,” they revealed further.

“But the Royal Family also wouldn’t expect one of their own to take money made by the profits of shows like this,” they added.