Meghan Markle opens up about romancing 'hot men' in popular drama 'Suits'


September 15, 2020
Meghan Markle opens up about romancing 'hot men' in popular drama 'Suits' 

Meghan Markle came forth revealing her experience of working on steamy scenes with co-star Patrick Addams on Suits. 

The Duchess explained to Yahoo Life in 2015 about how it's like to “have hot guys with you all the time."

The question was posed to her by her friend Joe Zee, who added, "Is it hard to work with all of that hotness?”

Meghan let out a chuckle before proceeding to answer, "I mean, how do you even answer that? No. Absolutely not. It’s one of the job perks, right?”

The former actress deviated from the topic stating that her character had “the best wardrobe you could ever imagine” and admitted to “borrowing things, here and there."

She continued, “There’s a Tom Ford skirt and I think, ‘If Rachel can wear that on Tuesday as a paralegal, then I can certainly borrow that for a Valentine’s date!’ It’s pretty fun

Meghan felt that she and her character’s dress senses had “morphed together” over time and that it had made her more adventurous.

She said, “They have completely… Once you have been invested in the character for that long there starts to be a bit of an overlap.

“I like to look polished and put together but there is always going to be an effortless quality of it being from LA," she added.