March 13, 2024


Sydney Sweeney recalls 'scary' experience of hosting SNL

Sydney Sweeney says her 'March 2' appearance on SNL was ‘scary’

By Celebpost Desk March 13, 2024
Sydney Sweeney recalls scary experience of hosting SNL
Sydney Sweeney recalls 'scary' experience of hosting SNL

Sydney Sweeney has finally opened up about the 'challenges' she faced during her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Speaking at a SXSW panel discussion on Tuesday, the 26-year-old actress said that her March 2 appearance on SNL was ‘scary’ but ‘something she ultimately wanted to do.’

"It was so scary my mouth dried up," said the Euphoria star.

Sweeney further said, "I am having panic attacks thinking of it. I wanted to do it because I think it's important to do things that scare you, and the whole SNL experience was challenging and terrifying."

The Any One You actress added that she learned to overcome her fears at a young age.

"This is ingrained in my memory," she shared.

"I was 14, and I got to a test for a recurring role on TV. It was ABC Family. There were more than two people in the room. I got so nervous, and I forgot all of my lines,” she continued.

The Madame Web starlet mentioned, "I remember apologizing profusely, and I asked to leave,” adding, "It set me up to know that it's ok to be nervous and turn it into excitement."

Earlier this month, Sydney Sweeney told PEOPLE about her hosting debut on SNL that she “would love to do it again.”