March 07, 2024


Camila Cabello talks Drake fling rumors: 'I DM'ed him'

Camila Cabello and Drake vacationed together

By Celebpost Desk March 07, 2024
Camila Cabello and Drake vacationed together
Camila Cabello and Drake vacationed together 

Camila Cabello addressed her cheeky vacation with singer Drake which has long since gone viral. 

The duo headed out for some jet skiing in Turks and Caicos last December where both were caught laughing their hearts out and also indulged in some deep conversation while lounging on a yacht as the sea waves did their work.

The Havana crooner appeared for an interview at the Call Her Daddy podcast on Wednesday and opened up about her alleged fling with Drake.

Alex Cooper asked Cabello, “You were on a vacation… with Drake?”

"Well, first of all, I wouldn't say just straight up vacation. It was vacation plus some work," Cabello shared: “But I will say, you know what? I love that man, I love him."

"We all love that man. The internet really loved him recently," the 29-year-old replied.

Cooper then doubled down asking Cabello whether she and Drake were ever a thing or was it mere fabrication.

"Have I ever had what? A beautiful artistic collaboration with him? I may or may not have,” she gave a cheeky response.

"I love him so much, and I really listened to him a lot during the writing process for my album, and I really thought that he would like my album...So I DM'ed him and I was like, 'Hey, I would love to play you my album. I honestly feel like you would really love it.' Because I listen to him a lot, and I really do feel like musically in a lot of ways we like the same things," the Senorita hitmaker revealed.

"It was such a surreal moment to play Drake my songs. That's another one of those things that's like, wow I never would have expected this would happen. It's a dream. And he's so generous and so kind."