February 21, 2024


Tony Ganios dies at 64, after surgery for spinal infection

Tony Ganios lost his battle to a spinal infection

By Celebpost Desk February 21, 2024
Tony Ganios dies at 64
Tony Ganios dies at 64 

Actor Tony Ganios, best known for Porky, left a void in the hearts of his fans with his untimely death at 64. 

Ganios had been ill and rushed to the hospital on February 17th complaining of some sort of discomfort.

Doctors during the examination detected a severe spinal cord infection and immediately conducted surgery.

The following day, Ganios suffered a cardiac arrest while on his way to dialysis and succumbed to it.

His fiancee Amanda Serrano-Ganios, confirmed the sad news on Twitter( formerly X) with a heavy heart, "The last words we said to each other were 'I love you. Love is an understatement. You are everything to me. My heart, my soul and my best friend. #I love you #tonyganios."

“It's just unreal to me right now. It was so fast. He hadn't felt well and hid it from me for days. When he finally told me, and was taken to the hospital, his spinal cord was severely infected. They did surgery, next morning, his heart stopped. I'm crushed.”

"I'm just completely empty inside now. He was my best friend, my soul mate. I just love him so much.”

Ganios’ fans and colleagues were in awe of his infectious personality, sending in condolences.