February 19, 2024


Michael J. Fox lights up 2024 BAFTAs with his presence

Michael J. Fox received standing ovation at the BAFTAs

By Celebpost Desk February 19, 2024
Michael J. Fox received standing ovation at the BAFTAs
Michael J. Fox received standing ovation at the BAFTAs 

Hollywood star Michael J. Fox made a rare appearance at the BAFTAs as an award presenter!

Fox, who has been battling Parkinson’s disease, made it a point to grace the star-studded event despite being wheelchair bound.

The actor set the stage on fire as he stood up from his wheelchair to present the award for Best Film to the Oppenheimer cast.

His act was met with a grand standing ovation from crowds at the event and his wife Tracy Pollan too gushed over him.

Fox had words of wisdom to convey before he announced the winner, “Thank you very much. Five films are nominated in this category tonight. All five have something in common. They are the best at what we do. No matter who you are or where you're from, these films can bring us together.”

He further added, "There's a reason why they say movies are magic, because movies can change your day. They can change your outlook, they can sometimes even change your life. The nominees are..."

After his long speech, the Teen Wolf actor announced the winner, which happened to be Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

To note, Fox has spoken about his struggle with Parkinson's disease on numerous occasions like his Apple +Tv documentary.