February 13, 2024


Jennifer Lopez 'doubtful' of her storied music career

Jennifer Lopez makes a shocking revelation about her music career

By Celebpost Desk February 13, 2024
Jennifer Lopez doubtful of her storied music career
Jennifer Lopez doubtful of her storied music career 

Jennifer Lopez has announced that her ninth album This Is Me... Now, could be her last!

JLo sent fans in a tizzy after hinting over a potential break from her music career.

The On The Floor singer sat for a candid chat with ET, "We did a bunch of different album covers. We try to do stuff that's very special for the fans and do collector's items and things like that that they can have forever and ever."

She further added, "The truth is I don't even know if I'll ever make another album after this."

"It's such the quintessential kind of Jennifer Lopez J.Lo project, and I really feel very fulfilled, so they really will be collector's items at a certain point."

"Don't tell Benny [Medina] that that's what I'm thinking --- this might be my last album ever," Jennifer revealed.

To note, Jennifer fans are excited to see her new work and binge over the new album which is set to release on Feb 16 a decade after her previous album A,KA.

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