February 06, 2024


Prince Harry and William urged to ‘set aside feud’ for King Charles

Buckingham Palace announced on February 5, that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer

By Celebpost Desk February 06, 2024
Prince Harry and William urged to ‘set aside feud’ for King Charles
Prince Harry and William urged to ‘set aside feud’ for King Charles

Prince Harry and Prince William have been urged to set aside their feud and unite in support of their father, King Charles, following the announcement by the palace that the British monarch has cancer.

The Duke of Sussex's relationship with the royal family has been strained since he stepped back from his royal duties and publically made various allegations.

However, in light of Monday's announcement regarding King’s health, Harry has been advised to put aside the ongoing feud and stand by his father during this challenging time.

According to the latest reports, Prince Harry is set to fly home to the UK to be with his family despite longstanding conflicts and tensions and PR experts see this decision as highly appropriate and beneficial, considering the circumstances.

Jane Owen, a royal expert, told The Mirror, "I hope that it’s a case of 'all is forgotten' until his Dad heals. That would be the fair and proper stance for everyone to take in these circumstances."

She further said, “Talking as someone who lost their Mum and Step-Dad at a similar age, and with a sister, it’s the absolute worst pain imaginable (except for losing a child god forbid) I don’t think anyone should be thinking anything other than 'How can we get him to his father’s side as fast as possible?'.”

"I also hope this could be an avenue for the brothers to mends some bridges. I think there have been mistakes on both sides, but at the end of the day family is family and you only get one life, one father, and in their case one brother,” she continued.

"There’s nothing like the terrible fear of losing the ones we love to make us realise what we have. It brings a really sharp sense of priorities to the forefront as well,” the royal expert added.

Jane expressed hope, "I’m sure the princes are both feeling the loss of their Mother especially strongly right now also, and that could also help them to reconnect.”