February 03, 2024


Timothée Chalamet pokes fun at 'bizarre' name: ‘My parents cursed me’

Timothée Chalamet revealed true pronunciation of his name during appearance of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

By Javeria Shahid February 03, 2024
Timothée Chalamet is born to a french father due to which the pronunciation of his name is  different
Timothée Chalamet is born to a french father due to which the pronunciation of his name is  different 

Timothee Chalamet is done with wrong pronunciations of his name. 

The 27-year-old actor revealed the correct pronunciation of his name on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The Wonka star took the opportunity of being on the guest couch to take a dig at his parents for the rare name and its pronunciation on Thursday, February 1.

"Honestly, it's 'Tim-oh-teh,'" Chalamet shared. "But I would not oblige you to say it like that, and it can be Timothy or Timmy or Doug’ or Allen."

The Dune actor said after Jimmy Kimmel noted that he saw an accent over one of the "e’s" in his name on a billboard.

"It’s 'Tim-oh-teh?'" the host asked again to be exactly sure.

The actor, who is dating Kylie Jenner, responded, "That's what it was supposed to be," he added jokingly, "My parents cursed me with that."

Kimmel, 56, quipped, "They did? And you were like, 'No, I’m not going along with that.'"

Chalamet replied casually, "I’m not going along with that so, it’s whatever you like."

The late-night show host suggested that his name made sense because "Tim-oh-teh" rhymes with Chalamet.

However, the Dune: Part Two star disagreed because his middle name did not add to the rhyme.

"My middle name is Hal, which breaks it up in a — It breaks it up in a bizarre way," Chalamet expressed, followed by actress Florence Pugh suggestion: "That’s not the flow."

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Chalamet, whose father is French, has revealed the real pronunciation of his name.

Previously, he had an interview with Frank Ocean for a men's magazine where he mentioned at the time, "I can't ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious."