January 31, 2024


King Frederik packs bags for first trip to Poland

King Frederik is ready to catch flights not feelings for first royal engagement

By Celebpost Desk January 31, 2024
King Frederik packs bags for first trip to Poland
King Frederik packs bags for first trip to Poland 

King Frederik of Denmark is ready to catch a flight abroad for the first time as sovereign.

The new king will be jetting off to Poland for a royal engagement that will consist of leading Danish business delegations on business promotional campaign. 

“On 31 January, HM The King begins an official business promotional campaign visit in Poland. His Majesty will be accompanied by Minister for Foreign Affairs Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Lars Aagaard and Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Jacob Jensen,” the Danish royal house released a statement. 

“The visit, which has been under preparation for quite a long time, takes place partly in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, where 38 Danish companies will participate in a business promotional campaign, as well as in the port city Szczecin, where The King will visit NATO’s regional headquarters and representatives of the Danish and Polish business community in the city, among other things.”

Queen Margrethe’s eldest son took over the reigns of Denmark when she abdicated in Copenhagen on January14.

As Frederik becomes the King his wife Mary earns the title of Queen and she will help her husband carry out major royal duties.