January 25, 2024


Tom Hollander reveals mix-up with Tom Holland over 'Avengers' bonus check

Tom Hollander and 'Spider-Man' star Tom Holland were managed by the same agency for a brief period of time

By Javeria Shahid January 25, 2024
Tom Hollander mistakenly got Tom Hollands first box office bonus from Avengers
Tom Hollander mistakenly got Tom Holland's first box office bonus from 'Avengers' 

Tom Hollander shared an incident when he accidentally received Tom Holland’s seven-figure bonus check after the Avengers film, raked up big numbers at the box office, due to their resembling names.

The White Lotus star spilled the beans on this rare incident during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, shedding light on the pitfalls of being confused with the Marvel heartthrob in a "nonvisual context."

"I went to see my friend who was doing theater in England. I sat smugly in the audience just having done a BBC show for $30,000," recounting the moment, he told host Seth Meyers.

He then recalled checking his emails during the intervals and that’s when he saw the message from his agency that also represented Holland, 27, for a brief period informing him that they were transferring the amount from his "first box-office binux for the Avengers."

The Night Manager actor said to himself, "I don’t think I’m in Avengers," nevertheless, his curiosity led him to open the email.

He then emphasized "It was an astonishing amount of money. It was not his salary. It was his first box-office bonus. Not the whole box-office bonus, the first one."

"And it was more money than I’d ever [seen]. It was a seven-figure sum," Hollander revealed.

He said Holland was only in his 20s or something so Hollander’s "feeling of smugness" that he had during the first half of his BBC show "disappeared very quickly."

However, he noted that is what showbiz is about, "It’s up, it’s down, it’s hero, it’s zero."

Holland, 27, has played the roles of Peter Parker and Spider-Man in several hit Marvel films, including, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.