January 22, 2024


Common, Jennifer Hudson confirm relationship

Love is in the air for Common and Jennifer Hudson

By Celebpost Desk January 22, 2024
Love is in the air for Commons and Jennifer Hudson
Love is in the air for Commons and Jennifer Hudson 

Common and Jennifer Hudson have confirmed they are dating in a preview of Monday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson show.

The two have been the center of gossip for a while now and their latest flirty exchange is strong proof of their love.

In the preview clip that went viral, the Spotlight singer introduced her new flame Common to the audience as he presented her with flowers.

“Now, we gotta get down to business, Mr. Common. I’m a host and so I have to ask you this question ’cause everybody always wanna know this — are you dating anyone?” Hudson asked her rapper beau.

“I’m in a relationship with one of the most beautiful people I ever met in life. She’s smart, she loves God, she has something real down-to-earth about her, she’s talented,” Common revealed.

“But I set my standard kind of high because she had to have an EGOT. She had to win an Oscar for her first movie. I set my stand high. She had to get her own talk show.”

Hudson then blushed, “Oh, OK.”

At the same time, rapper Common too asked the same question to the host if she is committed to someone.

To this, the 42-year-old replied, “This relationship is a happy place for me. Seeing him happy actually makes me really happy. So, I’m very grateful. I thank God each and every day, and I’m just letting God guide this relationship.”

Jennifer Hudson and Common have been romantically linked since February 2022 and first sparked romance with their outings in Philadelphia.

To keep the spark alive, the pair have remained pretty mum about their affair.