January 17, 2024


Prince Harry will close 'door to reconciliation' with release of new memoir

Royal experts advise Prince Harry to refrain from writing another memoir

By Celebpost Desk January 17, 2024
Prince Harry will close door to reconciliation with release of new memoir
Prince Harry will close 'door to reconciliation' with release of new memoir

Royal experts have advised Prince Harry to avoid writing another memoir after 'Spare.'

Robert Hardman warned the Duke of Sussex in his new book, 'Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story,' that the release of a new book would close the door on any reconciliation with the Royal Family.

"The most concerning thing about the book for the Palace was the concealment of significant portions of more recent occurrences, royal author wrote in his book, as per the express.co.uk.

He further revealed, "It did not go unnoticed that Harry and Meghan’s wedding, their married life, and their eventual departure from the royal world amounted to a small part – less than a fifth – of Prince Harry’s memoir. This suggested either a sequel or, perhaps a memoir by Meghan in due course."

Meanwhile, expert Richard Fitzwilliams also warned Prince Harry against penning another bombshell book, saying it could seriously damage his brand.

"The publication of Harry’s memoir Spare began a dreadful year for the Sussexes which saw them lose Spotify and their popularity plummeted in the ratings in the US,” he told Daily Express US.

He further said, "They were mocked and Harry’s revelations in Spare were often unwise and were also laughed at.”

"Harry revealed he had cut some 400 pages from it, because they were so sensitive and, in theory anyway, these could form the basis of another book. He could also write about his childhood and Meghan could write a memoir,” Richard continued.

"However, this would undoubtedly advertise to the world that the only way they could make a living was by continuing to trash the Royal Family,” he added.