January 17, 2024


Prince William film preferences revealed after 'The Crown' release

Prince William and Kate Middleton's take on 'The Crown': 'It's just drama'

By Javeria Shahid January 17, 2024

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Prince William has his preferences when it comes to enjoying sometime watching movies.

In an excerpt from royal author Robert Hardman's book about King Charles III, serialised by the Daily Mail, it was revealed that the Prince of Wales is more inclined to watch superheroes movies rather than The Crown

"Superheroes movies are, apparently, a particular favorite, especially Deadpool and all things Batman-related," the author wrote.

"He just liked action flicks," Robert claimed after he detailed William’s reaction to The Crown release.

Regarding watching the Netflix drama series based on the British royal family, the royal biographer claimed that the Prince and Princess of Wales will not be tuning in to the sixth and final season of The Crown, despite knowing that it primarily delves into their love story.

According to the excerpt, a source close to the future King, 41, described his reaction, expressing, "The Prince…rolls his eyes when people say that 'it’s just drama.'"

They added, "Yet he will not give it any greater publicity by complaining. He doesn’t like the idea of being seen as a complainer all the time."

The final season of The Crown received lukewarm reactions from the audience. The first part of the series chronicled events leading up to the death of William and Prince Harry's mother Princess Diana. 

The royal family refused to comment on its authenticity once the latest season came out; meanwhile, Harry, who now lives in California with his wife Meghan Markle is understood to have a more relaxed attitude towards the Netflix hit.