January 15, 2024


Jennifer Lopez getting on Ben Affleck's nerves?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage issues intensify

By Celebpost Desk January 15, 2024
Jennifer Lopez getting on Ben Afflecks nerves?
Jennifer Lopez getting on Ben Affleck's nerves? 

Jennifer Lopez’s picky nature is reportedly bothering husband Ben Affleck!

The couple have made headlines for their alleged marital woes which only seem to intensify.

Recently, the couple stepped out for a romantic holiday to St Barts and indulged in a heated exchange.

As per reports obtained by Ok Magazine, an insider claimed that, "Ben wanted this vacation to be relaxing but Jennifer’s up at 6 a.m. dictating their schedule."

"She’s extremely picky about everything, from maid service to where to eat dinner. Sometimes Ben can’t hide his annoyance, and that’s what people were seeing in St. Barts," the source continued.

JLO’s upcoming film titled Unstoppable also reportedly became a source of argument between the two.

"Jennifer is obsessed with every detail and has been bothering Ben," added the insider.

The source also revealed, "It takes a lot of energy for Ben to be married to Jennifer, but he loves her.”

“They get on each other’s nerves and then it’s amazing. It’s always hills and valleys with them."

Despite troubles in marriage, JLO and Affleck are determined to make it work, sources have affirmed.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first got engaged in the early 2000's but parted ways. After a rollercoaster of emotions they gave their love another chance and got married the following year.