January 13, 2024


Lily Gladstone reacts to Devery Jacobs’ criticism on ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

Lily Gladstone was awarded the Golden Globe for her portrayal of Mollie Burkhart in Killers of the Flower Moon

By Javeria Shahid January 13, 2024
Lily Gladstone and Devery Jacobs have no issues with each other after latters criticsm of Gladstones film
Lily Gladstone and Devery Jacobs have no issues with each other after latter's criticsm of Gladstone's film

Lily Gladstone broke her silence following Devery Jacobs’ criticism of Killers of the Flower Moon.

The film’s plot unfolded the real-life killings of the Osage after oil was found on their land in Oklahoma.

The Echo star tweeted earlier that watching the Martin Scorsese-directorial brought deep emotions based on its "unrelenting and unnecessarily graphic" depictions of murders of Osage people from the 1920s.

Gladstone, 37, responded to these remarks during an interview with the Rolling Stone and while keeping her cool she said, "I don’t want to bring heat back on her for this because I think that’s unfair. Her reaction is hers."

The Unknown Country actress went on to defend the 37-year-old Jacobs’ side, "Her reaction is a response to a lot of trauma that particularly Native women feel seeing these things for the first time."

"I had a lot of time acclimating myself to the script," she recalled, "The Osage people have had their lives to understand this history."

Gladstone, who also won the Golden Globe for her performance as Mollie Burkhart – an Osage Nation woman whose family was murdered by her in-law for oil inheritances – reflected her thoughts on the movie.

"The process of making this movie gave a lot of people a chance to speak. Ultimately, Osage's reaction is what I care about the most," she added.

Notably, Jacobs' remarks were intended for the film, which did not "show honor or dignity" to the Osage people due to the "horrific portrayal of their deaths."

Rather, she emphasized, the violence "normalizes" such treatment and "further dehumanizes our people."

However, she gushed over Gladstone’s work in the film, "It must be noted that Lily Gladstone is an absolute legend & carried Mollie w/ tremendous grace."

"All the incredible Indigenous actors were the only redeeming factors of this film. Give Lily her goddamn Oscar," the Reservation Dogs alum raved.