January 11, 2024


Stephen A. Smith backs up Taylor Swift after Jo koy quip

Before Stephen A. Smith's statements, Jo Koy already regretted his jest over Taylor Swift at Golden Globe 2024

By Javeria Shahid January 11, 2024
Stephen A. Smith regarded Taylor Swifts cooncerts as positively phenomenal, off the chain
Stephen A. Smith regarded Taylor Swift's cooncerts as 'positively phenomenal, off the chain'

Seemingly Stephen A. Smith turned out to be one of Taylor Swift’s fans as he defended the pop icon after Jo Koy poked fun at the NFL for giving her the screen time more often at the matches.

The 56-year-old TV personality vocalised his defense during a segment of ESPN’s First Take and addressed the criticism that has been cast upon the Blankspace hitmaker following her consecutive attendance at Travis Kelce’s matches.

The sports journalist took a moment during the show to "come to the defense of Taylor Swift" and said, "Everybody's sitting up there and acting like she's some kind of impediment, and, excuse me, she did her job. That Eras Tour? Off the chain, [it] generated billions."

He continued to gush over the Midnight songstress and shared his experience from one of her concerts, "Now, there is only one Beyoncé to me. Beyoncé all day, every day, but Taylor Swift was phenomenal. I went to the concert. I see these kids; they love her."

Smith noted that the Cruel Summer chart-topper did her job immaculately and now, "She’s going to support her dude."

The sports radio host noted that the overwhelming attention towards her presence during the NFL "ain’t her fault."

He went on to quash the speculations that referred to her attracting an audience for her concerts via NFL appearances, "It's not like she used the games to bump up the concerts. Oh no! Those kids were going to her concerts whether the NFL was promoting her or not."

Since her surprise appearance on the September 24 match, the Karma maker attended several of her boyfriend’s games and rooted for him, meanwhile NFL showed several of her "cutaways."

Earlier this week, Koy, 52, also made a joke during his opening monologue at the Golden Globe 2024 saying, "The big difference between Golden Globes and the NFL?"

"On the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift, I swear…" he added for which he encountered heavy backlish from the Swifties.