January 07, 2024


Kourtney Kardashian's recent post sparks outrage over scattered wrappings

Kourtney Kardashian’s post ignited a catfight in the comments section

By Javeria Shahid January 07, 2024

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Kourtney Kardashian recently shared a montage of random pictures and a video sharing the after-scenes of unwrapping Christmas gifts that some fans found disrespectful.

She captioned the post as "cozy little life lately" and in the clip, she showed the chaotic lounge of her home which was messy due to the scattered gift wrappings all over the place.

Noting the disorderly setting after the Poosh founder’s kids unwrapped their gifts, one fan wrote, "Why is there wrapping everywhere ??? My son would never leave the room like that ….they need to clean up after themselves."

A second user chimed in saying, "My mother would never let us leave trash all over the house after opening gifts."

Meanwhile, a third user commented, "Please clean that up…don’t just leave it for your housekeeper, why didn’t the kids throw away their boxes???"

This comment kindled a catfight in the Lemme mogul’s comments sections when her fans came to defend her replying, "Are you seriously telling her how to run her household!?? My lord."

While another fan directed to the positive side and commented with a red heart emoji, "That was my favourite one. Because that's real life. That's what most houses look like. Live in the moment and let the kids enjoy and be little."

However, the majority of the replies agreed with the "clean up" comment.

A picture from Kim Kardashians recent carousel post
A picture from Kim Kardashian's recent carousel post

Other snapshots from the carousel featured the Kardashian star’s pouty selfie in which she was sporting a pair of glasses that featured a giant 'NYE' lettering.

She was also wearing several chains with pendants that read, Rocky and Mrs Barker.