January 04, 2024


Iggy Azalea quitting music for good: Read post

Iggy Azalea fans are disappointed as she announces her end from music

By Celebpost Desk January 04, 2024
Iggy Azalea quitting music for good: Read post
Iggy Azalea quitting music for good: Read post 

Singer Iggy Azalea sends shockwaves after hinting over a sudden departure from the music industry.

Iggy has no plans to complete her next album and wants to pursue the art of design and creativity.

In a lengthy post on X/Twitter, the Black Widow hitmaker revealed she is retiring.

She wrote, “I’ve always been someone who finds my joy in being creative & seeing my ideas come to life."

“For a long time I used music to deliver my big crazy ideas to the world. I know a lot of people have this idea that I was ‘bullied away from music’ and that’s something I’ve always laughed at because I’d never be bullied out of anything!”added Azalea.

“In truth what I’ve known for a long time is that I feel more passionately about design and creative direction than I do about song writing. To many of you that’s no shock to read. It shows in my work. Haha! Jokes aside, i do spend a lot more time on that part of things… because I'm most confident at that.”

“That’s why I want to let you know that I’m not going to finish my album. It’s been paused for a few months while I was giving direction for a different project & in truth I just haven’t felt the urge to go back to it. I feel really happy & passionate in my day to day life when my mind is focused on that and so I want to stick to what’s undeniably best for me,” she continued.

“Can't wait to start sharing some of the things I’ve been involved in creating & hoping you’ll see my quirk & humor in anything I touch! I know for some fans this probably makes you feel a little deflated - I’m sorry to let you down. But, it’s more important I don’t let myself down. I hope you'll understand. Talk soon! I Love you”, Iggy signed off her post.

It is pertinent to note that Iggy joined her Only Fans account and made millions.