January 04, 2024


Katt Williams accuses Cedric the Entertainer of stealing his joke

Cedric the Entertainer responded to Katt Williams' allegations

By Javeria Shahid January 04, 2024
Katt Williams takes a dig on Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey on Club Shay Shay podcast
Katt Williams takes a dig on Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey on Club Shay Shay podcast

Katt Williams has notably sparked a comedic dispute as he voiced his disappointment after Cedric the Entertainer publicly downplayed him over a joke theft.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the 52-year-old comedian slammed Cedric on Club Shay Shay podcast after the latter denied in 2022 on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast that he stole any of Williams’ jokes.

During his tirade he said, "He [Cedric] thought that I was just a no-name comedian and that he could take this joke and nobody would know."

He continued to express his disappointment, "The issue was that I had already done this particular joke on BET’s ComicView twice. It has done so well on BET’s ComicView that he made it part of the commercial."

"This is not just a random joke, this is my best joke and it’s my last joke and it’s my closing joke," he added and recalled, "1998, I’m doing this joke; Cedric comes to The Comedy Store. He watches me in the audience; he comes backstage; he tells me what a great job I did and how much he loves the joke."

"Two years later, he’s doing that as his last joke on The [original] Kings of Comedy and he’s doing it verbatim he just changed my car into a spaceship," he said.

Shortly after Club Shay Shay podcast posted the snippet of this conversation on their Instagram account responded in the comments section.

The 59-year-old comedian wrote, "Revisionist History, regardless of whatever Katts opinion My career can’t be reduced to One Joke Katt Williams claims as his."

He went on to boast about his achievements, "I been over 40 movies, my specials and brand speaks volumes for I am. The ppl I have put on including "Katt in the Hat”. At the Gibson Amphitheater."

In another comment he added, "And all that tough talk! Is corny af I’m grown a** man. And none of that sh** gonna go like you think. You do you and I got this over here."