December 27, 2023


Prince William desire to ‘control’ monarchy likely brew rift with King Charles

Prince William has taken over more royal duties since Charles have been crowned as King

By Javeria Shahid December 27, 2023

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Prince William reportedly anticipated more 'control' over monarchy as King Charles III ages, however, it will likely culminate into another family drama.

The Daily Beast recently revealed that friends of the future king shed light on his expectations on growing "influence and control" over the British royal family.

The tipster suggested that William’s high expectations will likely ignite clashes with his 75-year-old father who is "allergic to anyone telling him what to do".

Moreover, a former palace employee, who worked for both the Prince of Wales and His Majesty, reflected on the work ethic of both individuals.

He told the outlet that Charles’ has very reserved working operations while his elder son is more informal.

"William and [his wife] Kate [Middleton] would do things like give you two weeks off if your father died," he added, "while Charles’ office has a more workaholic vibe".

The source also added that the father-son duo do not talk much, other than exchanging diary dates during their little day-to-day interactions.

However, despite his growing ambitions, it is suggested that the heir to the throne would not create another family spectacle for the outsiders and will eventually "respect" his father’s wish unlike Prince Harry who "would not do as [he] was told".

The throne was descended to King Charles following his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, death last year.

She reigned for seven decades before her demise in September 2022 at the age of 96.

Later, Charles was crowned as the king over the spring season and Prince and Princess of Wales both took additional roles to help the king with the royal duties.