December 26, 2023


Tony Romo manifests Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's marriage

Tony Romo previously called Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce's wife

By Javeria Shahid December 26, 2023
Taylor Swift attended Travis Kelces game on Christmas Day
Taylor Swift attended Travis Kelce's game on Christmas Day

It appeared that Tony Romo is quite invested in the idea of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce tying the knot.

In the midst of the second quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs’ take on Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas day, the NFL commentator fueled Swifties' wishful thinking, by accidentally calling Swift, Kelce’s wife instead of his girlfriend.

On Monday, December 25, ESPN shared a short clip on its official Instagram handle which captured the Bad Blood maker cheering for her footballer boyfriend from the stands.

Meanwhile, as the camera turned to the two time Super Bowl champion, Romo amusingly commented, "And his wife loves it, I mean, girlfriend".

Play-by-play broadcaster Jim Nantz quickly responded playfully, "You’ve been down that road with that before".

Shortly after the game Swifties flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter to pen their thoughts on Romos' blunder.

One user asked, "@tonyromo know something we don’t? Or care about really but he just called #TaylorSwift @tkelce‘s wife #ChiefsKingdom".

Another fan remarked, "Tony romo gotta be manifesting something based on how many times he’s referred to Taylor swift as Travis kelce’s wife".

This comes after the 43-year-old commentator, earlier, made a similar blunder during the Bills vs Chiefs game.

At first the camera showed Kelce, 34, on the field, and then it was flashed to the 12-time Grammy award winner where she was settled in the stands with a wide grin on her face.

At that time Romo said, "As you see, Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift, was in the audience".

However, he quickly realized that he made a mistake and corrected himself saying, "Er, I am sorry Girlfriend!".

Nevertheless another commentator added a layer of humor into the scene as he chimed in adding, "Not yet".