December 21, 2023


The Masked Singer judges shell shocked over Gazelle's identity

The Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong insisted throughout the season that Gazelle is Constance Wu

By Javeria Shahid December 21, 2023

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All the judges on The Masked Singer were stunned when Gazelle was unmasked to reveal Janel Parrish as no one guessed correctly.

Season 10 of the musical competition came to end after several unexpected unmaskings and spectacular performances throughout the show.

However, the most surprising revelation was of Gazelle, as one judge, Ken Jeong, was so sure throughout the competition that swift deer was his friend Constance Wu.

Not to mention, he also went far to save her with the 'ding dong keep it on bell', a bell that saves a individual from elimination, in the Group A finals believing that she was her friend.

Nevertheless, the grand finale night on Wednesday, December 20, finally revealed her identity.

In spite of bringing her A game on the stage with her emotional rendition of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Sea Queen beat her out, Gazelle emerged as the second runner-up.

Actress Janel Parish, the person behind Gazelle
Actress Janel Parish, the person behind Gazelle

Before host Nick Cannon unmasked Gazelle, the final guesses from the panel came as follows: Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Robin Thicke both guessed Ashley Tisdale whereas Nicole Scherzinger guessed Ginza Rodriguez.

As for Jeong, he stuck to his season long guess of his Crazy Rich Asians co-star and shared, "I've been moved by her all season, sometimes you just gotta go with the voice and your gut".

"I think Gazelle is my good friend Constance Wu," he added.

Later, the whole panel was left shocked as no one guessed her true identity throughout the season and Gazelle revealed to be the Pretty little Liars star.

The 35-year-old actress hilariously apologised to Jeong, "Ken, I’m sorry that I’m not Constance, but I love you and thank you for being my champion".