December 20, 2023


Kate Middleton turns to Queen Elizabeth to avoid bad media

Kate Middleton admired the late Queen Elizabeth, as per a royal expert

By Javeria Shahid December 20, 2023

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Kate Middleton has kept the late Queen Elizabeth’s memory alive as she practically applies her teachings to survive within the royal fold.

Recently, it was observed that despite the drama surrounding Omid Scoobie’s Endgame, 41-year-old Kate appeared unfazed–employing the late queen’s “invisibility trick” to steer clear the negative press– amid all the "royal racists" claims, as reported by Sun.

PR expert Denise Palmer-Davies noted that "Kate looked up to the Queen and learned a lot from her," thus the two have several similarities.

However, the similarities among the two only caught wind after the Queen’s death as per the royal expert pointed, "The Queen put an invisibility shield around the royals - no one wanted to disrespect her or question her dedication to duty".

"The Queen was a strong, powerful woman who was respected globally. And we now see Kate emerging as this Queen in waiting, who is just as strong and powerful," she said.

She noted that Princess of Wales' dedication to duty was undeniable and in addition to that, her charities made her hugely popular among the public.

"And I think it’s this level of respect and class - similar to what the Queen had - that is getting the royal family through [these claims]," Palmer-Davies added.

She went on to praise the future Queen as "Kate is following the Queen’s key rule of 'never complain, never explain' and is carrying on with her daily duties".

Referring to Kate's public outings for official engagements and flashing smiles despite encountering challenges, showcasing how strong she is, the PR expert alluded, "and that’s the shield. It’s a shield of strength and stoicism really."