December 19, 2023


Celine Dion loses control of muscles as condition worsens

Claudette Dion opened up on Celine Dion's deteriorating condition

By Javeria Shahid December 19, 2023
Celine Dion wished to return to stage despite battling with stiff person syndrome
Celine Dion wished to return to stage despite battling with stiff person syndrome

Celine Dion has been facing a tough time stemming from her stiff-person syndrome. 

However, her older sister Claudette Dion revealed to 7 Jours that the singer was still fighting despite her disorder getting worse.

Claudette, 75, opened up about her superstar sister’s neurological disorder, shedding light on how the 55-year-old singer no longer got "control over her muscles".

During the interview Claudette, who is also a musician, said, "What pains me is that she has always been disciplined. She always worked hard. Mom always told her, 'You’re going to do this right, you’re going to do this right."

She confessed that despite her sister’s dire condition it was Celine and her family’s "dream" to see her back on stage. 

"In what capacity? I don't know," she added.

The Canadian singer highlighted the challenges encountered by the limited research on the rare condition, "The vocal cords are muscles, and the heart is also a muscle. This is what [gets to] me."

"Since it’s one case in millions, scientists didn’t do that much research, because it didn’t affect that many people," she noted.

What happened to Celine Dion?

Following her revelation about the diagnosis via a heartbreaking Instagram post in December 2022, the Heart Will Go On hitmaker was forced to cancel her world tour, scheduled to kick off in December 2023, due to her condition.

Celine's condition is both incurable and progressive and causes the body to attack its own nerve cells, severely impacting mobility.

Claudette also noted that people have been showing Celine's family charity, Fondation Maman Dion, with numerous messages for the star.

She went on to say, "People tell us they love her and they're praying for her. She gets so many messages, presents and blessed crucifixes."