December 17, 2023


Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig surprise Kate McKinnon during SNL hosting gig

Kate McKinnon returned to host Saturday Night Live 18 months after quitting the comedy sketch show

By Javeria Shahid December 17, 2023

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Studio 8H experienced an ecstatic Saturday Night Live reunion with Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig joining Kate McKinnon during her hosting debut.

The former SNL cast members returned to the NBC's comedy sketch show to celebrate McKinnon’s first hosting stint 18 months after her departure from after a decade-long tenure.

The Barbie actress was visibily surprised as Rudolph and Wiig joined her on stage and the trio share a tight embrace. 

Wiig, 50, expressed, "So great to be back [with] so many memories," and the pair went on to playfully list their achievements since exiting the show.

The screenwriter, during a humorous gig, recounted Taylor Swift's accomplishments as her own while Rudolph, 51, listed Beyoncé's as her’s.

The reunion comes shortly after the 29-year-old impressionist stepped onto the stage basking in the cheers from the audience.

She visibly was moved by witnessing the overwhelming response from the fans before starting her monologue, where she cracked some jokes regarding her "old job".

McKinnon candidly revealed the reason for leaving the show and stated that her "skin was reacting poorly to the prosthetics," as the team attempted to "assemble a human personality".

She also recalled how she had played a "freak next to the hot person" referring to her imitations in the past.

The video then cut to show images of her mimicking Effie Trinkett, the eccentric character from the Hunger Games, alongside Josh Hutcherson, and other snapshots, including one where she stood by Martin Freeman dressed as a Victorian lady.

Other than that, the McKinnon shed light on the time she’d spent away from SNL and reflected on her 'Weird Barbie; venture.

She also shared how awkward she is to do the monologue in her original voice as she "don’t really like to talk in my own voice".

"That's kind of why I got into this racket in the first place," she added.