December 17, 2023


‘General Hospital,’ 'Grey's Anatomy' actor Jack Axelrod dead at 93

Jack Axelrod was a legendary actor who gave forward his acting passion to the next generation as a teacher

By Javeria Shahid December 17, 2023
Mob boss from General Hospital passed away due to natural causes
Mob boss from 'General Hospital' passed away due to natural causes

Actor Jack Axelrod, famous for his mob boss role in General Hospital, passed away at the age of 93.

His spokesperson, Jennifer Garland, confirmed the news of his demise to Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter.

She also affirmed that the actor, who portrayed the first chorus member in the Muse episode from the sixth season of Star Trek: Voyager, succumbed to death by natural causes on November 28 in Los Angeles.

In a statement given to Entertainment Weekly, Garland said, "I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with him in his last years, as he had no immediate family".

She went on to say that she got to spend most of the time outdoors with the Grey’s Anatomy actor before revealing, "Jack loved to sketch, read news articles and recite Shakespearean sonnets".

After graduating from Herbert Berghof Studio in New York City, Axelrod, who is also an architect, opted for several roles in theater all while pursuing his profession as an architect.

After working in the acting line, he garnered substantial experience for his acting resume and was eventually landed his breakthrough role in Woody Allen’s film, Bananas, in 1971.

Since then, he starred in numerous TV series and appeared in several movies throughout his career as an actor.

Most notably, he bagged a recurring role in General Hospital as Victor Jerome and also played Charlie Yost, a comatose elderly patient, in Grey’s Anatomy.

His performance in the My Name Is Earl as an electrolarynx guy is also remarkable.

In addition to his extensive acting career, he made guest appearances in a variety of shows. 

To name a few from the long list, these included Dallas, Dynasty, Boy Meets World, Murphy Brown, Shameless, Dexter, Frasier, and more.

He also went on to give forward his love and passion for acting to the coming generation by serving in the theater departments in several universities, as per PEOPLE cited from his IMDB profile.