December 10, 2023


Olivia Rodrigo brings drama to Saturday Night Live with hit songs

Olivia Rodrigo performed Vampire and All-Amrican B-tch in Saturday Night Live

By Javeria Shahid December 10, 2023
Olivia Rodrigo appeared as a musical guest in Saturday Night Live for the second time
Olivia Rodrigo appeared as a musical guest in Saturday Night Live for the second time

Olivia Rodrigo returned to the Saturday Night Live with some stellar peformances from her second studio album Guts.

She tweaked her two hit songs; Vampire and All-American B*tch to give a touch of fun to her performances.

This season marked the 20-year-old songstress’ second time as a musical guest on NBC’s comedy sketch which was hosted by Adam Driver.

For this time, she treated fans with a whole new energy that she brought with her new hit songs.

For her first rendition she began with a slow piano melody of Vampire with an emotional tone, wearing different rings on her right hand that spelled the words “Guts.”

The young singer donned a dazzling halter dress and pulled back her brunette tresses in a sleek bun for the slow paced performance.

The stage was set to create a dream-like ambiance with blue fog and silver cut out stars hanging from the ceiling.

With her first performance she raised the expectations bar so high, however, she came prepared to wow the audience with her second song.

With All-American B*tch, she brought the real drama on stage by first opening the song, sitting sophisticatedly behind the table and sipping the tea in a pink colored high-neck dress.

Just when the song’s chorus was dropped she tuned into her dark side and plunged upon the table that was filled with cakes and several other confectioneries.

As the lights turned from white to red to reflect the shift of her mood she started slashing the cake with a knife and dancing on the goodies.

In addition to the chaos she stained her white stockings and clothes with the red cake and smeared it on her face as well.

The actress ended her impressive performance with a playful gesture, poked her tongue at the camera.