December 10, 2023


Adam Driver serenades Christmas wishes to Santa on Saturday Night Live

Adam Driver captured the audience's attention during Saturday Night Live with his masterful piano skills

By Javeria Shahid December 10, 2023
Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time
Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time 

This season, Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live around his favorite Christmas season so he decided to make his wish to Santa on the stage.

The 40-year-old actor brought back his energy to the NBC's comedy sketch for the fourth time.

Along with a melodic piano rendition he began to make his Christmas wishes to Santa and started with, "Hey, Santa. It’s me, Adam Driver, from the nice list. And also ‘Girls.’ I turned 40 this year, Santa, so I would like five pairs of chinos."

In the second wish he asked for "Giant metal Tesla trucks," and proceeded with the third wish that was, "I would like people to stop coming up to me on the street saying, ‘You killed Han Solo!’," he said. "I didn’t kill him. Wokeness killed Han Solo."

He was referring to his role in the Star Wars franchise as a villain named Kylo Ren who killed Han Solo, the antihero.

Then he went for his fourth wish and that was to "kill" those couples on TikTok who pull pranks on each other.

Lastly, he made a cute Christmas wish and it was a "gingerbread house."

"Do you think a gingerbread man gets scared when he realizes the house is made of his own skin?” he joked, adding, "That’s a cute one. You can tell your kids that one."

Driver’s wish list came after he was called upon the stage and said enthusiastically, "I am so excited to be back !!!"

He began his over four-minutes long monologue by sharing, "I Love Christmas, It's my favorite holiday, the food, the family…"

"But largely it's because I have a very deep and personal relationship with santa", he said and revealed his "ritual" to make a christmas list to santa.

Since "Santa watches SNL" he decided to make his christmas letter right on the stage.

As a "part of the ritual" he then settled down on the chair and wowed everyone with his skillful piano demonstration as his fingers danced across the keys.