December 07, 2023


Husky, Tiki's identities unveild on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer did double elimination on rock 'n' roll night

By Javeria Shahid December 07, 2023
Husky and Tiki on masked singer were revealed upon elimination
Husky and Tiki on masked singer were revealed upon elimination 

The Masked Singer season 10 is headed for the final after the elimination of Husky and Tiki.

The two singers got unmasked before their elimination, revealing that Sebastian Bach was Tiki and Husky appeared as Ginuwine.

Both were competing with the Sea Queen to secure a spot in the finals, however Sea Queen outshined them.

Judges Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger made the hardest decision to do a double elimination on Rock ‘n’ Roll night on Wednesday December 6.

Tiki kicked off the Group B finals with the rendition on I Was Made to Lovin’ You by KISS.

In his clue package he got a cowboy hat, a KISS poster and an alien later he got another clue Japan from Kelly Osbourne.

Gilmore Girls alum Sebastian Bach as Tiki
Gilmore Girls alum Sebastian Bach as Tiki 

Afterwards Husky took the stage and his clue package included a clock with a heart over the "1."

He shed light on the loss of his "biggest fans, my parents."

"When they both passed away within a year of each other, I completely lost my way," Husky continued. 

"I did anything I could to numb the pain. My heart was twisted."

The thickly coated contestant performed on Bon Jovi’s Always.

Pony Rapper, Ginuwine as Husky
Pony Rapper, Ginuwine as Husky 

After Sea Queen's entertaining act Nick, 43 revealed the Husky got the fewest votes, making him the first in the competition to get eliminated that night.

Following his elimination it emerged that beneath the fluffy mask was Ginuwine, 53.

Before Tiki’s elimination, he made his way to the stage to compete with Sea Queen in the Battle Royale.

However, it culminated with the panel ultimately deciding to send Sea Queen to the finale.

After Tiki's elimination, it was revealed that Bach, 55, was under the mask.

The Gilmore Girls alum and the Next Time Around rappers' exit from the The Masked Singer comes after nine impressive weeks of competition.