December 03, 2023


Prince Harry, Taylor Swift pitted against King Charles?

Omid Scoobie aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's mouthpiece made bold claims against Taylor Swift

By Javeria Shahid December 03, 2023
After Prince Harry, Taylor Swift also gets accused of snubbing King Charles
After Prince Harry, Taylor Swift also gets accused of snubbing King Charles

Prince Harry steered himself out from recent “snubbing” King Charles rumors, however, it seemed Taylor Swift encountered the same claims.

Swifties are 'not too well' as Omid Scobie made bold claims in his book, Endgame that the pop icon snubbed King Charles on his coronation.

Earlier before the 75th birthday of His Majesty, The Sunday Times reported that the Duke of Sussex was reached out with an invite to attend his father's birthday bash.

However, it was suggested by the outlet that he refused to attend it.

Later the next day, Prince Harry’s spokesperson released a statement clarifying that he hasn’t been contacted by anyone from the royal family.

As for Taylor Swift, she needs no reps to clarify on behalf of her because she has got swities.

The singer boasts a staunch fan base who defended her from every negative allegation made against her and Omid, 43, certainly wasn't prepared for the fury he was about to face.

The royal author claimed in his latest biographical work that despite the 12-time Grammy award winner present in America for her Eras tour, she declined an invitation to perform at King Charles coronation in May.

In her defense, one fan on X, formerly known as Twitter said, "Taylor Swift was in the middle of her Eras Tour - I was at the Nashville show the night of the Coronation."

Another Swiftie warned the author, "He really really, really doesn't want to start with Taylor. He thought the Royal Family was tough. He hasn't seen what enraged Swifties can do. Should have asked somebody, dude."

A third expressed, "Calling Omid Scobie a Royal Expert is laughable and a bit of a stretch. He is more Harry and Meghan's mouthpiece and it was proven in court."

A fan noted, "Omid Scobie didn't learn to never annoy the Swifites or to always tell the truth. It's really stupid to lie about an easily checked fact."