December 01, 2023


King Charles' ‘only way’ to hit back at Omid Scobie’s Endgame

King Charles is focusing on tackling climate change rather than Omid Scobie's 'tawdry' Endgame book

By Javeria Shahid December 01, 2023
King Charles ‘only way’ to take down Omid Scobie’s Endgame
King Charles' ‘only way’ to take down Omid Scobie’s Endgame

King Charles will likely stay mum over Omid Scobie’s “melodramatic” Endgame move, experts suggested.

The copies of the royal author's book were taken down from the shelves in the Netherlands on Tuesday, November 28, notably on the same day it was released.

It comes after Xander, the publishers of the memoir received a request to abruptly halt the publication in Holland.

Multiple outlets reported that in the Dutch version, names of the working royals, who raised “concerns” over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son, have been revealed.

Later, on Wednesday, November 29, Piers Morgan on his TalkTv show also revealed the identity of the two senior royals who made “racist” remarks on Prince Archie before his birth.

He believed that as the Dutch readers became aware of the identities, the British public also had the “right” to know the names.

According to The Sun's royal photographer, Mr Arthur Edwards, His Majesty is in Dubai for COP 28, the latest United Nations global warming summit.

He is busy in “stopping the world burning up,” rather than dignifying “Scobie’s tawdry publication with a response in any possible way."

When Professor Pauline Maclaran was asked about how the Royals would react to the controversial book, she flagged it as a “melodrama” and said, “They will rise above it.”

The Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research at Royal Holloway, University of London continued, “Harry himself has tried to distance himself from those remarks by saying the Royal Family is not racist.”

She added, “Harry and Meghan's documentary did not refer [to the allegation]. They have obviously tried to put it behind them. Omid Scobie is just resurrecting all this.”

Flashback to an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, the Duke of Sussex purported that one member of the members from Monarchy did raise “concerns and conversations about how dark his[prince Archie’s] skin might be when he's born.”

However, the Finding Freedom author stated in his book that there are not one but two people, who made the comments about the four-year-old prince's skin tone.