November 25, 2023


Prince Harry gets ‘must-do’ advice from expert to ‘repair his image’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's popularity significantly depreciated since they have moved out of the UK

By Javeria Shahid November 25, 2023

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Prince Harry has been widely receiving a plethora of backlash over the years for his many actions.

His popularity has notably plunged down after his insurmountable amounts of alleged leaks he has tipped off to the press.

However, PR expert Edward Coram-James jumped into the scene to lend his advice to Harry, 39, to protect his image and salvage his popularity.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex marred their relationship with the Royal Family when they stepped down from their royal duties and moved to the US nearly four years ago.

Their relationship further ruptured after the couple released their titular Netflix docuseries last year, making striking accusations against the royals.

Harry's relationship with his father, King Charles hit rock bottom when Harry released his tell all memoir, Spare, seemingly blowing up any chances of reconciliation.

Despite the damage, according to the Daily Express, the GoUp’s PR expert claimed that Harry can revive his popularity by introducing a solo brand strategy independent of his “unpopular” association with Meghan Markle.

"It is their association with one another that is so unpopular,” the expert gave his two cents, adding, "If they want to start reclaiming their once sterling popularity, they should revert to forging solo brand strategies, apart from one another.”

He implied that Harry should go back to his tried and tested formula that “always worked for him.”

Edward continued, "Instead of being the arch wrecking ball, he should be the war veteran and conservationist that puts his all to supporting wounded soldiers and helping with conservation efforts in his beloved Africa."

As for Meghan, he advised the “very talented” former actress to return to the acting world noting, “If she focused on this as a career, combined with doubling down on her efforts to help support the planet and vulnerable communities, over time she could start to rebuild trust with the public.”

The expert alluded, “Rebuilding trust is the first step towards rebuilding a reputation.”