Taylor Swift makes history at Billboard Music Awards 2023

Taylor Swift received 20 nominations, out of which she won 10 at the BBMAs 2023

By Javeria Shahid November 20, 2023
Taylor Swift leads the pack with 20 nominations at BBMAs 2023
Taylor Swift leads the pack with 20 nominations at BBMAs 2023

Be it hearts or awards, Taylor Swist is winning it all!

The 33-year-old pop icon added another - or 20 more - feathers to her cap with the nominations at the Billboard Music Awards 2023.

The awards show was held on Sunday, November 19, with the most wins – a total of eleven – bagged by Morgan Wallen, whereas the most nominations were earned by Swift.

The Daylight crooner have taken the top spot in the music industry for the past few years and boasts a devoted fans base, both of which have been reflected by her ten wins at the BBMAs 2023.

She won awards in the respective categories: Top Song Sales Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Billboard Global 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Songwriter, Top Billboard Global (Excluding U.S.) Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Selling Song for Anti-Hero.

Following the awards show held on Sunday, Swift took the helm as the top female BBMAs recipient in history with 29 wins in total.

Meanwhile, Drake, with a total of 34, had the most Billboard Music Awards as a male. The numbers have now increased to 48 after 14 nominations for 2023 is added.

Swift is unstoppable when it comes to breaking records; she not only outshines others but also herself; she is the only artist to ever replace herself three times at No.1 Billboard charts.

Her hit track Cruel Summer from 2019 initially topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in October, weeks later, her song from the vault Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s version) from her re-recording of her 1989 album, took the top spot.

Notably, Cruel Summer shortly returned to the top, replacing the vault songs, making her the only artist to ever replace herself.