Teri Copley vehemently denies John Stamos infidelity revelations

Teri Copley and John Stamos met each other back in 1980 and instantly 'hit it off'

By Javeria Shahid November 05, 2023
Teri Copley vehemently denies John Stamos infidelity revelations
Teri Copley vehemently denies John Stamos infidelity revelations

Amid all the flurry of accusations pointing fingers at Teri Copley for her alleged infidelity, she has broken her silence.

In his recent memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, John Stamos claimed he found Teri naked in her bed with Tony Danza during their 1980s relationship.

However, in less than two weeks after Stamos' bombshell memoir release, Copley retaliated with completely different accounts of the events.

In a 19-minute-long Youtube video posted on Friday, November 3, she set the record straight with her side of the story.

According to Stamo’s memoir, he went to Teri's place to get things ironed out as he felt she had been alienated.

Rather he got heartbroken, finding his girlfriend in the bed with someone else, later identified as Tony Danza.

On the other hand, Teri vehemently denied Stamos revelations and claimed she had broken up with him three or four days before the former made an appearance in front of her door.

The Transylvania Twist actress added instead of seeing her in bed, Stamos knocked on her door while Danza's car was fully visible in her driveway.

She opened the door “fully dressed” and recalled her ex was clearly upset.

“[He] just shook his head and looked at me like, ‘How could you?’” the We Got It Made star recounted that moment and went on, “Well, I looked at him and didn’t say anything either. I just looked at him like, ‘What do you care?’”

“He certainly didn’t come into my house and find me in bed naked with a sheet over,” she insisted and emphatically stated, “I mean none of that happened.”

The relationship between Teri Coopley, 62 and John Stamos, 60 dated back to 1980.

At the time, Stamos was "dumbstruck and goofy in love" with Copley and described finding her in bed with Danza as his "worst nightmare,” in his writing venture.