Olivia Flowers reveals real cause of late brother Conner’s death

Olivia Flowers' Conner openly struggled with Lyme disease during his lifetime

By Javeria Shahid November 02, 2023
Olivia Flowers reveals real reason of late brother Conner’s death
Olivia Flowers reveals real reason of late brother Conner’s death 

Tears ran down her cheeks as Olivia Flowers remembered her brother Conner Flower, revealing the real reason that caused his death.

The Southern Charm star recalled her brother’s death during an emotional interview with PEOPLE, who died tragically nine months ago at the age of 32.

She shared that his brother’s death had nothing to do with his Lyme Disease, instead he succumbed to an accidental overdose of fentanyl.

Referring to Conner’s lifelong battle with the disease, she shared, “My brother hated talking about his illness.”

“So many people, even in his close circle, didn’t know about his Lyme ,” she shared her concern, “So again, to hear he died of a fentanyl overdose, there’s immediately going to be this assumption that he was partying.”

Olivia, 31 went on to explain that after her brother was prescribed medicine for his pain and anxiety, “He started depending, at a very young age, on this prescription medicine to feel normal.”

At the time, Conner’s death was making waves on the internet, she revealed that for “his entire adult life” he had suffered from Lyme disease.

Back in May, the Bravolebrity noted that her brother had “several misdiagnosis and unnecessary medicinal treatment at a young age,” which led to “severe internal damage” that was “long-lasting and devastating.”

On the current season of the Bravo reality show, she also shared one of the last things his “tender hearted” brother said to her, “[He] was like, ‘You’re doing everything right. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And …”

She tearfully continued her brother’s confession, “I hope you can look at me and be proud of me like I’m proud of you.”

Shortly after Conner’s death, Olivia posted a series of photos honoring him with a caption, “What a blessing it was to be the sister of such a beautiful, tender hearted soul.”