Prince Harry pays surprise visit to US F1 sans Meghan Markle

Prince Harry got a behind the scenes look at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas without Meghan Markle

By Javeria Shahid October 23, 2023

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Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at the US Formula One Grand Prix, accompanied with a huge entourage sans his better half Meghan Markle.

Harry, 39 couldn’t hold back his infectious smile while attending the US Grand Prix as he is a hard core fan of the formula One, whereas Meghan was nowhere to be found.

He was spotted at the Mercedes Garage in Austin Texas where he got a sneak peek into the behind the scenes.

The Duke of Sussex arrived at the venue ahead of the Circuit of the Americas event which featured Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton aiming to challenge the firm favorite, Max Verstappen.

Steve Myrick shared notable guests on X, formerly known as twitter saying, "Just finished walking the paddock @COTA as we get closer to #LightsOut at the #F1 #USGP.”

He added, “Among the celebrity sightings were actor Patrick Dempsey, who raced here for @FIAWEC, and Prince Harry, who had a massive contingent with him. #COTAF1 #ATX."

The Formula One enthusiast, donned a black polo shirt and dark shades.

This surprise visit comes following the reports of "tension" between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle surfaced after their romantic getaway weekend in the Caribbean.

According to The Mirror, body language expert Judi James shared that the couple seemed to have a "separated look" upon arrival.

James added, “There’s no sign of any lingering post-holiday glow from Meghan’s body language here.”

“That romantic, idyllic hand-in-hand pose we saw from Harry and Meghan as they strolled through deserted streets seems to have been replaced by a more separated look as Meghan rushes ahead across the tarmac, leaving Harry to chat to someone as he trails behind,” claimed the body expert

In addition to that it is reported that the couple have been going through a rough phase as Harry is on “house hunting” in the UK to divide his time in the US and Britain, while Meghan is does not want to return to the Royal land.