October 21, 2023


King Charles cannot oust Prince Andrew from Royal Lodge as he 'does not own it'

Prince Andrew has signed lease for Royal Lodge with the royal estate and not with King Charles, claimed the experts

By Javeria Shahid October 21, 2023
King Charles cannot oust Prince Andrew from Royal Lodge as he does not own it

It is reported that King Charles is powerless when it comes to ousting Prince Andrew from the Royal Lodges simply because he doesn’t own it.

Speculations swirled in the past months that the disgraced Duke of York would no longer be accommodated at the Windsor Property due to a string of reasons.

Prince Andrew was forced to quit as a working royal after questions over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein rose up to the forefront.

In addition to that, the allegations made against him by Virginia Giuffre, which he continues to deny, also added fuel to the results that he would no longer be accommodated at the Windsor property.

Some claimed he could move into the now-vacant and smaller Frogmore Cottage, but Marlene Koenig told Express that this will not be necessary due to the contract signed by Andrew when he moved into the Royal Lodge.

while debunking the scandals she said, “There is no scandal about the Royal Lodge. The King does not own it. He cannot kick him [Andrew] out of it because it is owned by the Crown Estate.”

Koening explained, "Andrew has a 75 year lease for Royal Lodge. The lease is with the Crown Estate. There were agreements with the lease and he invested his own money to fund major repairs when he acquired the lease after the death of his grandmother. Property needed a lot of work, and he paid for that work."

She also touched on the financial aspect saying that money is not going to pose any challenge for the Duke, as alongside his Navy pension, he will have access to trust funds from the late Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother.

His former wife Sarah Ferguson, who also has her own rooms in Royal Lodge, might contribute some cash as she has her own income from various business ventures.

During the summers, Andrew joined the King, Prince William and other members of the family at Balmoral.