October 09, 2023


Simon Cowell responds to David Williams after his “utterly bizarre” claims

Copy of the transcripts was allegedly also made available to Simon Cowell's co-producer firm Syco upon request, claimed David William

By Javeria Shahid October 09, 2023
Simon Cowell unfollows David Williams after his “utterly bizarre” claims
Simon Cowell unfollows David Williams after his “utterly bizarre” claims

Simon Cowell has unfollowed David William following the comedian's claim that his microphone was secretly kept on during Britain's Got Talent filming.

The 64-year-old Founder of Syco Records dismissed the accusations as "utterly bizarre."

David Williams is nowhere to be found in simons following list on Instagram
David Williams is nowhere to be found in simon's following list on Instagram 

David, 52, left the ITV show in November 2021 after he was caught using offensive language toward an elderly contestant during a break in filming.

Last month, he accused Fremantle, the producer of the reality series for ITV, of an unlawful breach of privacy, alleging that his microphone was left on all day.

An insider from Britain's Got Talent commented to The Sun, "Many of the allegations in this writ are just plain wrong. For example, the idea anyone surreptitiously recorded David is absurd."

They further explained, "It was announced in 2018 judges’ comments between themselves at the judging desk would be recorded for possible use.

"Since then, they have been used regularly in audition episodes."

According to court papers obtained by the outlet, David has reportedly been struggling with “suicidal thoughts” since his departure from Britain's Got Talent.

In September, ten months after leaving his £1.5 million-a-year role as a judge, David initiated legal action against his former employers at Britain's Got Talent, seeking substantial damages.

These court documents also mentioned that David disclosed battling "active suicidal thoughts" and “losing his ability to be funny” due to concerns about his comments being leaked without his consent.

He further claimed that Fremantle “produced and retained transcripts” of his audio recordings, which tend to have his private information that has no relevance with the show including about his marriage, family disputes and heart to heart conversation with Alisha, one of BGT’s judges.