Prince Andrew 'does not intend to destabilize monarchy' unlike Prince Harry

A royal expert claimed that Prince Andrew "is less of a problem" than "loose cannon" Prince Harry

By Javeria Shahid October 08, 2023

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Both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry have withdrawn from their roles as working royals due to completely different reasons.

However, a royal expert has come up with a positive case for bringing the Duke of York back into the royal sphere.

Prince Andrew faced heavy criticism for his association with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in recent years, which led him to step back from royal duties in 2019.

Whereas, Prince Harry Meghan Markle gave up their roles as senior working royals when they moved to the US in 2020.

Although, Prince Andrew did have fair share in playing the power game against his elder brother, King Charles is more resentful towards his youngest son due to striking allegations Prince Harry has made against the royal family in several TV interviews, his Netflix documentary and tell-all memoir Spare.

Considering these actions, royal family historian Andrew Lownie believes that the Duke of York is a “loyalist” and poses “less of a problem than Harry.”

Lownie, who is publishing a biography of Prince Andrew next year, told Daily Beast that “Harry is a loose cannon and Meghan even more so. They both have more books coming. The strategy, I believe, is to keep in with him and to marginalize her, which is exactly what they did with Wallis and the Duke of Windsor.”

The royal expert went on to explain, "Andrew has been loyal to a certain extent. He’s made some implicit threats, and things have been floated about books and TV interviews, but ultimately he is a loyalist.

Lownie continued, "Andrew is less of a problem than Harry. He may become more of a problem, especially when my book comes out because I think there will be things in there that will rock the boat.

"But he’s not been rude about Camilla. He’s not set out to destabilize the monarchy. He hasn’t spilled secrets," the royal expert concluded.