October 07, 2023


David Beckham sons solidify their strong bond via tattoo art: See

Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz were last spotted together at the premiere of David Beckham's Netlflix documentary series

By Javeria Shahid October 07, 2023
From left: Cruz, Brooklyn, Romeo and Tattoo artist, Pablo
From left: Cruz, Brooklyn, Romeo and Tattoo artist, Pablo

David Beckham’s sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are following into their father’s footsteps by getting matching tattoos to symbolize the strong bond they share.

Each of the Brothers have engraved the word “Brotherhood” on different parts of their bodies.

The eldest of the three, 24-year-old Brooklyn, had his new tattoo placed on his leg, just above his existing dancing lady body art.

Brooklyn Beckhams Tattoo
Brooklyn Beckham's Tattoo

Romeo, the B team football player, 21, chose to have the tattoo on his leg, just above his eagle ink art.

Romeo Beckhams Tattoo
Romeo Beckham's Tattoo

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Cruz, the aspiring singer and musician, opted for the new tattoo on his hand.

Cruz Beckhams Tattoo
Cruz Beckham's Tattoo

A london-based tattoo artist, who goes by the name Certified Letter Boy, took to his Instagram account on Friday to share some snapshots of his intricate artwork.

In the photos he shared, the Beckham brothers were seen standing with their arms draped on each other's shoulder, while others pictures showcase their new tattoos.

In one of the clips among the carousel, Cruz jokingly winced as he is in pain as Pablo leaned in to begin the tattoo and the needle touched his skin.

During their visit to the tattoo parlor, Romeo took the opportunity to get another tattoo which he proudly showed off on instagram.

The Beckhams are just fond of inkings and meeting the needle is something they are used to.

It appears that the eldest son, the Instagram chef, is in a friendly competition with his father to see who can get more tattoos dedicated to their wives, as both have inked carvings mostly for their spouses.

Brooklyn showed off his body art during trip in Saint tropez with wife Nicola Peltz earlier this summer.