Dancing with the Stars honours Len Goodman on its 32nd premiere

Dancing with the Stars is renaming its champion Mirrorball trophy after late judge Len Goodman.

By Javeria Shahid September 27, 2023
Len Goodman in Dancing with the Star was the protector of ballroom dancing
Len Goodman in Dancing with the Star was the protector of ballroom dancing

Dancing with the Stars is back with a bang. The 32nd season marks the first since the death of Len Goodman, its former longtime head judge.

Although the new season will exude new energy and zeal on screen, and prove to be the ultimate entertainment package filling in all the seats but of Len Goodman’s.

At the end of 31st season, the late ballroom expert announced that he would be retiring from his post. The 78-year-old television personality shortly lost his battle to bone cancer earlier this year. 

Conrad Green, the executive producer of the dance show has no intention of filling in Lens’s space. 

In conversation with Entertainment Weekly he said: “I've always felt Len is irreplaceable, "He's such an important part of the history of the show and such an important part of the reason the show is successful [with] his honesty, his specialist ballroom knowledge, and him coming genuinely from that world. His legacy of what he's brought to the show is amazing. It was never in my mind to replace him."

He further added, “When I first spoke to Len about doing the show, he said the reason he wanted to do it was that he wanted to make sure TV didn't screw up ballroom dancing and they did it properly,"

Green concluded it as Len was in the show to make sure no one can do silly additions in ballroom dancing world.

"He's always been that guy who's protected ballroom dancing on the show. He will be missed terribly,” said the producer.