September 26, 2023


Johnny McDaid, Courtney Cox celebrate 10-year anniversary with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran played cupid between Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid back in 2013

By Javeria Shahid September 26, 2023
Ed Sheeran croons for Johnny McDaid and Courtney Cox on couple’s 10th Anniversary
Ed Sheeran croons for Johnny McDaid and Courtney Cox on couple’s 10th Anniversary

Ed Sheeran dedicated Shape of You to Courteney Cox and her husband Johnny McDaid on the couple's 10th anniversary.

The singer and songwriter, 32, proved again how much of a sweetheart he is by tweaking the lyrics of his globally hit song only for the couple.

Cox, 59, posted a video on her Instagram account. Several pictures of the couple enjoying each other's presence were compiled in the video. She also shared in the video that McDaid, 47, was introduced to her by Sheeran ten years ago.

In the video, the filmmaker adds a short clip where the Perfect singer serenaded the couple with his personalized version of Shape of You, he began singing:

"I know your heart is falling, too. Johnny's in love with your body. And last night, you were in his room. And now his bed sheets smell like you. Every day discovering something brand new. Johnny's beard is the shape of you."

At the end of the video, Courteney added a caption that reads, "Happy Anniversary J" with a red heart.

Cox and McDaid have been together since 2013. The couple got engaged in 2014 but called off their engagement in 2015. 

A year later, after separation, the two were reconciled, inseparable to date.

While talking about their romance to PEOPLE in January 2022, the Tall Hot Blond actress shared that her relationship with McDaid has helped her realize that "love is precious." 

She continued to list the most loved qualities about her partner, including him being a "great listener, patient and great advice giver." She said that she loved his heart, intentions, and morals.