September 12, 2023


Selena Gomez & Rema's Calm Down Joins the Billion Club on Spotify

The chemistry between Selena Gomez & Rema is undoubtedly so on point that their track hit the mark to Billboard’s hot 100 list within a short span...

By Betty Cruise September 12, 2023
The calm Down hitmakers: Selena Gomez & Rema
The calm Down hitmakers: Selena Gomez & Rema

Selena and Rema are over the moon as their popular song Calm Down enters the Billions Club on Spotify.

While Selena just added another feather to her cap, the Nigerian rapper Rema celebrates his first afro beat song to make its way to the Billions Club. 

Spotify Africa shared this great news with the fans and followers via tweet.

“We can't Calm Down, @heisrema has entered the #BillionsClub with the first African artist-led track to hit a billion streams on Spotify! Congratulations to Rema and @SelenaGomez! [heart emoji]

Later both the artist reposted the tweet on their official twitter accounts.

The Rare Beauty Founder did not hold back to share the news on her official accounts and share her achievements with fans. She reposted Spotify Africa’s tweet with caption, “I’m so grateful. Love you @heisrema! @Spotify @SpotifyAfrica”

The Dumebi singer also reposted the same post, writing, "First Afrobeat song to hit a Billion stream, did that! Thank you all [heart emoji]

@Spotify @SpotifyAfrica @SpotifyUK

It’s no wonder that Calm Down just hit 1 billion streams on Spotify as people all around the word has been grooving over it since the day it has been released.

Earlier in an interview, Rema, 23, told Billboard that the collaboration happened as he was already a fan of Gomez. 

“She actually came across my music too, and she also wrote to me. Our teams got familiar and we started working towards this good music that came out,” he shared.

“It started that from friendship, to colliding our teams together, and everyone is like a big family right now. It was very much organic, and we made it happen, and it’s just so huge. I’m amazed.”