Rachel Leviss to sue Ariana Madix for leaking private videos to friends?

Rachel Leviss accused Ariana Madix of passing around her tape with Tom Sandoval to her friends

By Betty Cruise August 22, 2023
Rachel Leviss (left) Ariana Madix (right)
Rachel Leviss (left) Ariana Madix (right)

Ariana Madix broke her silence on accusations she leaked Rachel 'Raquel' Leviss’ “non-consensual” sex tape filmed by Tom Sandoval.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Bethenny Frankel’s Just B podcast, Leviss opened up about her former best friend sending FaceTime videos to her friends, which were recorded by Sandoval during their months-long affair.

In March 2022, Madix discovered an affair between her now ex-boyfriend Sandoval and Leviss after coming across intimate photos and videos of the pair on his phone.

In a clip from the podcast, Rachel said on Bethenny’s podcast that “Ariana sent her intimate video (that Tom recorded without her consent) to her friends … [and] Ariana is denying that,” according to an Instagram account, @byewighellodrama.

One of the users wondered, “why aren’t more people talking about how this girl got rewarded after committing a crime by passing around a non-consensual sex tape?” in the comments, to which Madix replied: “[Because] that very clearly did not happen.”

Though the response divided fans among the two television personalities, with many “smelling” a lawsuit, a lot of them blamed Sandoval for recording it in the first place.

“Why is there no blame in Sandoval for passing it around?” a user wrote in the comments.

“The fact that no one in the comment section is mad at Tom For illegally recording it is tell,” another lamented.

“SANDOVAL IS TO BLAME. HE recorded it. Ariana did not pass anything around. No way. I refuse to believe that. He should be charged for this. Instead of the TRO against Scheana, she should’ve filed a report on him for recording her without her consent….,” affirmed another.